We are a digital agency built to help you expand your business to Germany successfully.

It can be incredibly difficult to expand a business to another country with a different culture, mindset, and lifestyle. We go through the different growth stages together to help you expand your business to Germany and empower your brand successfully. 

Here’s how.

Market Research

EVALUATING your expansion

Don’t rely on luck. We research your market in Germany and provide evidence-based recommendations.




Preparing your Launch

We speak the language of your customers in Germany and adapt your offer to the cultural standards.


Introducing your offer

We test different approaches for the ideal distribution. During this, we gain and utilize insights to accelerate your growth.

Performance Marketing

Distribute your offer

A well thought-out and effective distribution is the key factor for a successful expansion. We help you to sustainably develop and automate distribution processes.




Building internal structures

We support you in the complete process of finding the right employees in Germany: Sourcing, screening, selection and onboarding. Additional training in marketing and sales ensures optimal in-house handling of the distribution efforts.

Strategic Advice

your advisor for further growth

The market environment is changing constantly, which also affects the opportunities in distribution. Based on our experience, we continue to share best practices and stand by your side through all phases.


our key value

To avoid developing any dependencies for your critical activities, we try to build and strengthen an internal structure and prioritize knowledge transfer already in the early stages.


We strive to support you in establishing your business in Germany on a reliable foundation right from the start. With this in mind, we have developed a framework that allows us to focus on the activities that will launch your business effectively in Germany. 

Our process starts with a thorough research of the general market, competitors and the demand groups. We assemble all the necessary information to give you a knowledge-based growth recommendation. 


Germany can be fast-paced and ever changing. We ensure that potential barriers are removed and create a great experience for your customers. Depending on your strategic goals, we determine the best growth strategy for your business and leverage our  expertise for your success. 

We want to empower you to build a strong foundation for your further growth in Germany.
For this purpose, we focus on continuously gaining insights to improve your market entry roadmap.
Adjustments to your product to local market conditions are made repeatedly throughout our collaboration, based on our learnings on how the product offering is being received.

Our Clients

Companies that trust us

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If you are dedicated and committed to expanding your business to the largest European economy, we are excited to provide you a free custom tailored strategy for your expansion plans.   

Claim your free expansion strategy call

If you are dedicated and committed to expanding your business to the largest European economy, we are excited to provide you with insights we collected during multiple successful expansions.   

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