Case Study Swappie, shop for refurbished iPhones

Since Stephan, co-founder of growstage, comes from the rugged phones industry and the company from Helsinki Swappie is committed to recycling and thus the environment, we decided to investigate the case of Swappie. Disclaimer: We do not have access to any of the internal information at Swappie nor are we in contact. This analysis has […]

3 steps to successfully expand your business to Germany

Germany is the largest European marketplace. Thus, many companies try to expand their products or services to capture market potential. Forecasts show that the German E-Commerce Market will increase to an €84.123 Mn market in 2021. The Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021- 2025) of 5.35%. The average revenue per […]

How to decrease the risk to fail your business in Germany

Germany may be the largest European economy, but it can be the end of a business if the available resources are allocated incorrectly. Therefore, I would like to explain you briefly what is important for a successful expansion to Germany. What the majority does Many entrepreneurs decide more randomly on a target country and plan […]