How to decrease the risk to fail your business in Germany

Germany may be the largest European economy, but it can be the end of a business if the available resources are allocated incorrectly. Therefore, I would like to explain you briefly what is important for a successful expansion to Germany.

What the majority does

Many entrepreneurs decide more randomly on a target country and plan their strategy according to their own subjective perception. Often simple questions like: why Germany? Why Berlin? Why the price? Who is the competition? cannot be answered clearly. Most of the time, the team from the home country also has to split into two and actively help out with the expansion to Germany. This has the effect that many essential tasks do not get done. After a few months, or worse, years, the decision is made to stop the operation in Germany.

What the majority should be doing

Prepare the expansion carefully. Start with the right selection of a target country through in-depth research. Adapt their presence to the local conditions. Add necessary steps to the customer journey and launch their offer in the right way.

Start with research

In order to succeed, the very first thing you need to do is to check whether Germany is suitable for your business or not. Many companies make the mistake of entering the market blindly without a plan and research only to find out later that either a.) their business model is not legally compliant, b.) they are located in the wrong city, c.) they are targeting a completely wrong group of people, d.) they are hopelessly behind the competition in terms of their offering, etc. Studying the general market, competitors, legal and tax aspects, are essential and serve as a cornerstone for a successful expansion.

Localize your offer

People in Germany have different priorities, user experiences, expectations and criteria for purchasing an offer. The right use of for example payment systems, language and user experience are therefore very important for the optimal customer journey. Without this setup, you will have a very hard time expanding your offer successfully to Germany. Spelling mistakes, or a difficult navigation on the website are enough for the purchase process to be aborted.

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